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Battle of the Books

This Week’s Peanut Gallery

Just before the Battle began, a few more BoB Followers gave us their predictions.

Jen at Read for Keeps offered hers complete with a charming sketch:


Armed with my mug o’ tea (naught but the finest Alishan high mountain tea leaves, of course), I attempt to divine the course of the 2013 SLJ Battle of the Kids’ Books. Behold my bracket:

Lisa also at Read for Keeps also chimed in:


School Library Journal’s BoB is one of my favorite events of the year. The mad scramble to read all 16 contenders, the howls of misery and delight (remember last year when a certain book lost via a coin toss?), and, of course, a spectacular opportunity to demonstrate my lack of divination powers.

The Brain Lair considered:


But, today starts my favorite Battle, the one School Library Journal (SLJ) puts on each year! The 16-book list is handed out after the ALA Youth Media Awards.  Starting mid- to late March, an author will judge two books and decide which moves to the second round.  This goes on each weekday until we get to the Big Kahuna.  The book Kahuna judges the final two books plus a book that rises from the dead! Each year, SLJ adds a new twist to the contest.  This year – students writing as books! Check out Day 1Day 2Day 3, and Day 4.  Such a great idea! I must figure out a way to incorporate it!

Sondy did her predictions too:


It’s that time of year! School Library Journal’s Battle of the Books is starting up! (I keep hearing this rumbling that other tournaments happen in March, but I’ve never heard about anything so exciting.)


Once the Battle got underway, a number of our followers had things to say.  (This is going up Saturday morning so we will add in later links as they become available. And, as always, let us know in the comments if we missed yours so we can add it in as well.)


Over at Twitter:

elly Iverson-Egge ‏@MrsIversonEgge Woke up this morning SO EXCITED for Battle of the Books and then realized it starts tomorrow. #sljbob
P&P Kids and Teens ‏@KidsandProse Side note: we LOVE the illustration. MT @sljournal Code Name Verity or Titanic?
Melissa Fox ‏@book_nut Alas, I chose poorly this round of @SLJBoB. Off to read the winner!
Jennifer Jazwinski ‏@Bkwrm7 Holding steady at 100% accuracy! How long can this last? #sljbob
Alexander London ‏@ca_london I feel bad for Martine Leavitt. TFIOS v. Endangered, two books on the beauty & brutality of being human. There will be tears. #sljbob
Brandy ‏@brandymuses “In many ways, both books are a celebration of the impressive tenacity of children.” I love Appelt’s decision
Guy L. Gonzalez ‏@glecharles @DibblyFresh Not here. Almost none of the SLJBoB books are here. Our school always gets stuck with the perennials and the leftovers. :-(  (The Battle Commander is sad about this.)
Maureen E ‏@elvenjaneite Also, RGN, whoever you are, you are awesome and your commentary is always great. #SLJBob
Reads for Keeps ‏@reads4keeps If #sljbob was judged based on the bracket artwork, WONDER would have won yesterday’s round (ice cream + lightsaber!)




  1. Εliana K. says:

    This is what I predicted for the first part:

    Bomb v. Wonder – Bomb
    Code Name Verity v. Titanic – Code Name Verity
    Endangered v. Three Times Lucky – Three Times Lucky
    The Fault in Our Stars v. Temple Grandin – The Fault in Our Stars
    Jepp Who Defied the Stars v. Starry River of the Sky – Starry River of the Sky
    Liar and Spy v. Splendors and Glooms – Splendors and Glooms
    No Crystal Stair v. The One and Only Ivan – No Crystal Stair
    Moonbird v. Seraphina – Moonbird

  2. And my report of the first week isn’t complete without my prediction post: (which I posted unfortunately after last week’s Peanut Gallery).

    Coming up is the match I feel most strongly about. Funny because I like all the books, and Starry River isn’t necessarily an overall favorite. But I think that Starry River is superior writing to Jepp, and I’m hoping the judge will point that out! Of course, maybe my hatred of present tense in fiction — unless it’s done exceptionally well — is influencing my decision unduly. I’m looking forward to what Adam Gidwitz will say, but if he doesn’t agree that Starry River is better, I’m going to wonder how he’s so blinded.

    *Uh oh. I just realized that my rule of thumb that judges tend to choose books least like their own might come into play. Adam Gidwitz writes books playing off fairy tales. Grace Lin wove folk tales into her plot. I hope he will pick Starry River anyway!*

  3. Yes, I am gloating! Because if past SLJ BoB’s are any indication, soon I will be very, very wrong in my predictions so I’m gloating while I can.

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