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Battle of the Books

2015 Brackets with Judges Revealed!

So now that we have announced all our awesome judges, here are their assignments. Wish them luck!


  1. Now that I know the judges, I’d probably change a couple of my choices in the top 8. March 9 seems a long way away — now that I’ve finished all of the books, I just want to see what wins!

  2. Elizabeth Rusch, you have ALL MY SYMPATHY!

  3. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    By all means, submit a second slate of guesses on

    Winners will be randomly chosen from those who have guessed all 8 titles correctly. Have fun pondering.


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  2. […] Books for as long as School Library Journal hosts it. The list was released on January 14 and the bracket, complete with book list and judges, was released on February 25th. The list covers YA, […]

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