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Battle of the Books

The Kid Commentators

KidCommentator medium The Kid Commentators RGN is a 9th grader in NYC who loves reading and writing – as well as history, which features in some of the BoB books! He writes:

Two years ago, I learned about BoB, which lead to the following chain of events: I root for my favorite, once, as a member of my school’s “Book Bloggers” club, next as a Kid Commentator last year. Those books were A Conspiracy of Kings and Life: An Exploded Diagram…and if you guessed Code Name Verity for this year, you’re right. But I always like rooting for the underdogs, which can be just as excellent; therefore, in this battle, Starry River of the Sky gets my vote (to be explained).

As you can see, the aforementioned chain of events might just be extremely absorbing, exciting, and tensely competitive – especially when it’s about something I love, reading, with sixteen wonderful books. Even better, I get to write about it.

KidCommentator medium The Kid Commentators GI is now an 8th grade student in NYC who loves reading and writing. She writes:

Ever since I was very little, I always had a passion for writing. I have loved writing fiction, plays, reviews, anything that I could share my opinions about I would turn it into a piece of literature. Two years ago I became involved with a club at my school that would enhance, challenge, and polish my writing through an easygoing and fun environment called Book Bloggers. Through this club I learned about Battle of the Books, and instantaneously became infatuated with the concept. I followed, commented, and blogged about the competition vigorously until one book came out victorious. Ever since, I have been counting down the days until March, the commence of a brand new Battle. I am excited to see which books last in this tournament and which are eliminated, and with the outstanding judges chosen for this year I am certain that it will be a very thrilling competition.