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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
Inside A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy

Timothy Rising From the Dead

Or, rather, Doug! For those who didn’t get the title and are wondering who the heck is Timothy: Finnegan’s Wake. My guess for the winner of the Undead Poll was Chime; the actual winner is Okay For Now. What this means? Jonathan Stroud has to decide between Life: An Exploded Diagram; Between Shades of Gray; […]

Memory v Life

School Library Journal Battle of the Books, Round 3, Match 2. Drawing from Memory v Life: An Exploded Diagram. Judge: Ron Koertge Once again, Life goes up against an illustrated work! But first: I may have a new favorite Battle post, because Koertge’s crowd sources from the track. No, really. In discussing Drawing From Memory, Koertge […]

Gray v Chime

School Library Journal Battle of the Books, Round 3, Match 1. Between Shades of Gray v Chime. Judge: Maggie Stiefvater Stiefvater’s post may be my favorite because: cookie dough. That makes everything better. Also? She rereads books she already read. There is a world of difference between reading selfishly (that is, solely for oneself) and reading for an […]

Diagram v Wonderstruck

School Library Journal Battle of the Books, Round 2, Match 4. Life: An Exploded Diagram v Wonderstruck. Judge: Chris Lynch What Lynch says about the beginning of Life amused me: “OK, let’s say this: If you wanted to be picky about it, you might say that the story really hits YA stride when our boy, […]

Drawing v Again

School Library Journal Battle of the Books, Round 2, Match 3. Drawing From Memory v Inside Out & Back Again. Judge: Jewell Parker Rhodes. In this round — like others — the Judge points out that for apples v pineapples book judging, there are also some points of similarity between the two contenders. Here, both books are rooted in […]

Critical Essays on Frankenstein, Part II

And now, some of the essays from the Norton Second Edition of Frankenstein! (As a quick reminder, the original edition is my personal copy; the 2012 Second Edition was supplied by the publisher for review). The Introduction: “[Frankenstein‘s] central narrative of creative overreaching and bitter disillusionment in a sense outgrew the novel itself and became […]

Review: The Book of Blood and Shadow


The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman. A Borzoi Book published by Alfred A. Knopf, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books, a division of Random House, Inc. 2012. Reviewed from ARC from NetGalley.   The Plot: It started simply enough: a senior year independent study at the local college as a research assistant […]

Fab Films: Committee Composition and Function

Continuing an examination of the policies and procedures for the Fabulous Films Committee: From the YALSA Website: Committee Composition and Function: The committee will include nine members, including the chair, appointed by the YALSA Vice President/President-Elect. Members are appointed for two-year terms, and the chair is appointed to a one-year term. The current YALSA President […]

Chime v Smoke

School Library Journal Battle of the Books Round 2, Match 2. Chime v Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Judge: E. Lockhart Lockhart on Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone: “The heroine, blue-haired and covered in tattoos, is satisfyingly violent and smart-mouthed.” “Satisfyingly violent.” Love that! And then — and then — Lockhart totally goes against the […]

Get Stacked


Welcome, readers of Stacked who have clicked through! Today, I have a guest post up over at Stacked: So You Want to Read YA, and talk a little about the YA books from when I was an actual! real! live! teen!, as well as what books I’d recommend to people who want to start reading YA. […]