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At Smugglivus 2012

As I blogged about earlier this week, Book Smuggler’s is having their annual Smugglivus posting extravaganza.

My post is up today; I use the opportunity to force myself to pick my five favorite books of 2012. What are they? Go to Book Smugglers and find out!

Edited to add: Fixed the links to go directly to my post.

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  1. Whee! Two of my favorite blogs collide. Baring reading something else amazing in the next 15 days, I think my number one read this year is Code Name Verity, though the Montmaray Journals are a close second. Huh, they’re all WWII novels.

    So excited for Elizabeth Wein’s new novel. I read that it’s going to be set during WWII also and the main character is a prisoner of war. Yikes! Good thing there is a wait for this book. It will give me a chance to get my poor battered heart stitched back together and healed before having it, potentially but with a high probability, ripped apart again.

  2. Eliza, thanks! Both VERITY and the MONTMARAY books are so good! I’m looking forward to Wein’s next book, also.