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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
Inside A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy

Round 1, Match 5

And so we enter week two of the Battle: Hokey Pokey v March Book One, Judge Tom Angleberger My prediction: “Didn’t read either one, I picked March Book One.” I won’t leave you wondering: I didn’t pick the right one. The right one is apparently “Peter Pan times Pilgrim’s Progress times the Teletubbies.” Which leaves me […]

Round 1, Match 4

On to match 4: Far Far Away v Flora & Ulysses, Judge Sarah Mylinowski. My prediction: “Once again, I go with the book I read:Far Far Away.” And I’m back in the game, baby! So, yes, Mlynowski is now my new favorite. (You may notice that I am rather free with my “favorites”.) Is she […]

Round 1, Match 3

And now, it’s time to look at the third match of the present round: Doll Bones v Eleanor & Park, Judge Lauren Oliver. My prediction was: “Doll Bones, because. I also think Eleanor & Park will be the “oh, I cannot believe it lost so early” book.” And — I was wrong. But first, let’s look a bit at what happened […]

Round 1, Match 2

Drum roll for the second match of this round: Boxers & Saints v A Corner of White, Judge Yuyi Morales My prediction: “Having read Boxer & Saints, that’s what I picked.” And guess what: ONCE AGAIN I WAS RIGHT. Let me say one thing. OK, it’ll probably be more than one thing. You know me. One […]

Round 1, Match 1

And thus it begins: All the Truth That’s in Me v The Animal Book, Judge Vaunda Nelson My prediction: “Having not read either one, I randomly picked The Animal Book.” Was I right? YES. My observations: Nelson says, “I found similarities I hadn’t expected.” Nelson then went on to compare the two books based on those […]

Battle of the Books 2014 – Predictions


And now, my predictions for the Battle of the Books! So, let’s take a look at books, judges, and the rounds. The thing about making predictions is it’s both about the books and the judges. I haven’t read all the books, true, but I’m not going to let that stop me. You can read about […]

Battle of the Books 2014


It’s that time of year again! Time for School Library Journal’s Battle of the Books! I’m a big fan of the Battle of the Books, because, well, it’s fun. A quick explanation for those new to SLJ BoB: Sixteen books are selected. Judges from the children’s/young adult publishing world are given two books to read. […]

SLJ BoB: The Winner

And now, the final match. There can be only one. The contenders: The Fault in Our Stars vs No Crystal Stair vs Code Name Verity, Judged by Frank Cottrell Boyce. My prediction had been: “The Fault in our Stars v. The One and Only Ivan v. the Undead Winner (my prediction, Code Name Verity), Judge […]

Peanut Gallery

Just a quick reminder that SLJ BoB has been highlighting posts and tweets and responses to the previous week’s matches. Check out this week’s The Peanut Gallery; and swing back to past ones.  

Undead Poll Winner Announced

Drum roll, please. And the Undead Poll  Winner is….   Just as I had predicted! Or, rather, hoped against hope because John Green has all those nerdfighters.