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Battle of the Books

Archives for March 31, 2013

This Week’s Peanut Gallery



We are particularly excited to hear about those who have or are considering using the Battle with students. Say Texas librarian Donna Steel Cook who gets her whole high school involved. Read more in “Texas High School Celebrates Battle of the Books“.


“March Madness” has taken on a secondary meaning in rural Pollok, TX, where 423 high school students have been closely watching, rooting for, and predicting the winners of a unique elimination contest this month—not basketball, but books. Under the direction of Donna Steel Cook,district library director and high school teacher-librarian, Pollok’s Central High School has incorporated School Library Journal ‘s fifth annual Battle of the Kids’ Books (BOB) into an engaging program to support reading.

And Librarian’s Quest who considered that:

Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 8.57.42 AM

As the weeks have passed so too has the School Library Journal’s Battle of the Kids’ Books.  Even though the end is getting closer it still might be fun to do this with students after it’s over to see how they vote as opposed to the judges’ decisions.  School Library Journal has provided a page of downloadable graphics to use in designing your own brackets.  Each match appears as a PDF file.


If there are others out there, please let us know!

As to other things, please don’t miss our Battle Pinterest board filled with lots of cool stuff.

There’s Liz B on Bomb v Code Name Verity, Endangered v Stars, Sky v Glooms,  Seraphina v Star, Round 3, Match 1, and Round 3, Match 2.

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Sondy’s got  strong views of Round Two and The Big Kahuna Approaches.

One of our contenders, The Fault in Our Stars, after a very contentious Zombie Round in The Tournament of Books (the tourney for adult literature that inspired the BoB), made it to the finals.

Some of this week’s tweets: