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Battle of the Books

The Opening Ceremony

Hunger Games Visits the Rest of the 2010 Contenders

The Victory Tour Begins

“Vote for Me!” quaver our contenders. “Please.”

As The Battle of the Kids’ Books follows a single-elimination model, once a book is knocked off, it has to stay in the metaphorical Land of the Dead, until the final two are left standing, facing each other off. However, there is hope yet, for one of the previously eliminated title to come back from […]

2009 Matches

The 2009 Battle has been archived for the moment and is not accessible, but for those interested here are all the judges’ statements and Jonathan Hunt’s commentary for all the matches. The brackets can be downloaded here. Round 1 Match 1 Ways to Live Forever (Sally Nicholls, Arthur A. Levine Books) vs The Astonishing Life […]