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Round Two, Bomb v Code Name Verity

And Round Two begins with a World War II Match: Bomb v. Code Name Verity, judged by Donna Jo Napoli.

2 1 Bomb Verity Round 2, Match 1: Bomb vs Code Name Verity

I had predicted just this match, and as for the outcome: “Prediction: The power of Code Name Verity compels me to say it will be selected.

You all may remember just how I feel about Code Name Verity.

What did Judge Napoli select?

Excuse me.

I’m sobbing in the corner. Julie…. Maddie…. I can’t even. It’s just, that —

I mean, Kiss me, Hardy. Fly the plane, Maddie. And leave the window open and I’m not sure what I’m more upset about, that a certain judge whose name rhymes with Mapoli did not pick Code Name Verity or that for a second time I was wrong or that CODE NAME VERITY, yes, Code Name Verity is out.

Why? I don’t know. I really don’t: I skipped to the end of the post and read “I vote for Bomb” and haven’t stopped sulking long enough to read it.


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  1. This round pretty much hit me the same way.

  2. Paige Ysteboe says

    I too was devastated by this round. Grant you, Bomb is one of the best nonfiction books I’ve read in a long time, but Verity just has so many layers. In my mind it’s the best book of the entire battle.

  3. Elizabeth Burns says

    Alex & Paige, I’m not sure I can come back from this.

  4. Before her decision, she was my favorite of the judges this year. Sigh. Betrayal!

  5. It’s taken me this long before I can even bring myself to comment on this loss. When I saw that Code Name Verity was up against Bomb I was afraid of this outcome. That’s why I voted for Code Name Verity as my Undead choice. I was debating between voting for Verity or for Three Times Lucky. I was leaning towards voting for Lucky ’cause it’s a book I also loved and feel is under appreciated. Not everyone everyone appreciates that it’s a tall tale. Also, I feared that since most of the middle grade books were matched against YA they would be knocked out too soon. A concern that proved correct. But, ultimately, I had to go with the book I loved the most.

    Here’s hoping that Code Name Verity rises from the dead on Saturday.

    I have to say Elizabeth Wein’s tweets have been very funny and show great sportsmanship.

  6. Elizabeth Burns says

    Sondy, how could this happen? How?

    Eliza, so hoping for Verity for the Undead choice. And yes, Wein shows just exactly the type of grace and good nature to have when ones book is part of a battle like this!