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Round 2, Seraphina v. Stair

It’s with this match that my predictions crumble so that they start becoming more fantastical. Or wrong.

2 4 Seraphina Crystal Round 2, Match 4: Seraphina vs No Crystal StairSo this match is Seraphina vs No Crystal Stair – Judged by Paul Griffin.

I had predictedSeraphina v. The One and Only Ivan, Judge Paul Griffin. Prediction: Griffin likes animals, right? So he’ll select The One and Only Ivan.” So, not only was I wrong with the match up, I selected the title that had lost last time around. So there is no way for me to be right.

You know what would have been nice? If I had used my logic for the prior match for this match and tossed off a “coin toss” as a rationale for Griffin’s decision. Because, I kid you not, Griffin said “Okay, Rick just pleaded, begged, implored me to please flip the coin.  So heads No Crystal Stair, tails Seraphina. Heads.  It’s No Crystal Stair.”

I KNOW. It’s like picking the winning lottery names for the wrong day.


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  1. Your title says “Seraphine vs. Star” and for a moment I thought ‘Wait, is Seraphina going up against Fault in our Stars after all?’

    • Elizabeth Burns says

      Darn typos that pass spellcheck! Well, this has been a heavy star-titled year. Fixed!