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Battle of the Books 2014 – Predictions

And now, my predictions for the Battle of the Books! So, let’s take a look at books, judges, and the rounds.

The thing about making predictions is it’s both about the books and the judges. I haven’t read all the books, true, but I’m not going to let that stop me. You can read about the judges at the SLJ BoB website.

Before I do, some quick dates:

The “undead poll,” where you can vote on a book to return to the final round even if it’s voted out, starts February 26 and ends March 9.

Round 1 is March 10 to 20.

Round 2 is March 21 to 26.

Round 3 is March 28 and 31.

The “return from the grave” books is announced April 1 (no fooling!)

Round 4, the final round, is April 2.

Over at the SLJ BoB, they’re taking predictions and doing a mock SLJ BoB, so click over and vote.

And now, my predictions!

Round 1

All the Truth That’s in Me v The Animal Book, Judge Vaunda Nelson. Having not read either one, I randomly picked The Animal Book.

Boxers & Saints v A Corner of White, Judge Yuyi Morales. Having read Boxer & Saints, that’s what I picked.

Doll Bones v Eleanor & Park, Judge Lauren Oliver. I read both of these! Doll Bones, because. I also think Eleanor & Park will be the “oh, I cannot believe it lost so early” book.

Far Far Away v Flora & Ulysses, Judge Sarah Mylinowski. Once again, I go with the book I read: Far Far Away.

Hokey Pokey v March Book One, Judge Tom Angleberger. Didn’t read either one, I picked March Book One.

Midwinterblood v P.S. Be Eleven, Judge Mac Barnett. While I read and love Midwinterblood, I think it isn’t for everyone. Plus, I realized I kept on picking based on what I’d read, so this time, I went with what I haven’t read — P.S. Be Eleven.

Rose Under Fire v The Thing About Luck, Judge Malinda Lo. Rose Under Fire because Lo writes young adult books.

True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp v What the Heart Knows, Judge Sheila Turnage. Having read True Blue, that’s my pick.

The tricky thing from here on out is that it’s all based on my predictions, so I can be really really right …. or horribly, embarrassingly wrong.

Round 2

The Animal Book v Boxers & Saints, Judge Tonya Bolden. I’m going with “pick something I read,” so Boxers & Saints.

Doll Bones v Far Far Away, Judge Rae Carson. I’ve read both; but this time, I’m going to lean towards Far Far Away.

March Book One v P.S. Be Eleven, Judge Joseph Bruchac. Having not read either one, I’ll go with P.S. Be Eleven.

Rose Under Fire v True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, Judge Katherine Marsh. Another choice between two books I read; and so I’m picking Rose.

Round 3

Boxers & Saints v Far Far Away, Judge Patrick Ness. I’m putting my money on Far Far Away.

P.S. Be Eleven v Rose Under Fire, Judge Robin LaFevers. I think Rose Under Fire will take this one.

Return from grave guess: Eleanor & Park. See! See what I did? I didn’t pick this earlier in part because I’m convinced it’ll be the book that returns.

Round 4

Far Far Away v Rose Under Fire v (return from grave) Eleanor & Park, Judge Jennifer Holm. And what will win here? I think Eleanor & Park.

What do you think?


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  1. I think you’re right about E & P; I have it being eliminated in the first round, but coming back from the dead. Though I think in your final pairing, it has a good chance of losing to either Far, Far Away OR Rose Under Fire. All three are strong books. It’s going to be an interesting year.

  2. You need to read All the Truth That’s in Me — I think you’ll really like it and I can’t wait to read your review of it. I struggled with A Corner of White at first but ended up liking it.

  3. I finished All the Truth That’s in Me just last night (Well, really this morning — it was late.). Wow! It’s amazing. You will want to read this one! It went from a nothing book in my mind to one of my favorites of the whole battle.