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Teaching Transmedia with Comics: A Conversation with Tyler Weaver

“By allowing students to create with a medium, you give them the chance to explore the potential of the medium and of themselves. The exploration of potential is beautiful…”

4 Questions for Richard Beach about Literacy and Digital Comics Creation

“There’s a shift towards a more multimodal ways of communicating through digital videos, VoiceThread, and graphic novels/comics that is more appealing and engaging to adolescents who now expect such multimodal ways of learning…”

50 Years of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ on Film: A Chat with Documentarian Mary Murphy

“I feel there’s a direct line between readers of all stripes — young and old, Pulitzer Prize-winners and middle school students — because they all have a such a strong response to the novel. Community happens around ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’…”

Seeing the Future Through the Lens of the Past: A Conversation with Brian Fies (Part 2)

“Every time I see a vehicle broken down on the side of the road, I reflect on what a truly terrible idea flying cars would be. That’s not a promise I seriously want kept.”

Seeing the Future Through the Lens of the Past: A Conversation with Brian Fies (Part 1)

“Comic books are really a different product now, less intended for kids than the adults they grew into.”

Comic-Con Special: Buddy Scalera on How Young People Can Break Into the Biz

“You should look to publish your strips online or in some other way, so you can gain an appreciation for the process. Try to understand different aspects of how comics are created, so you know what other people in the process actually do. If you understand what other people do, you will improve your own craft.”

The R.L. Stine Interview, Part 3: Kids and Horror

“I was once called—and maybe by School Library Journal, actually—a ‘literary training bra for Stephen King.'”