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Why At First I Didn’t Think I Could Write About ‘Citizen Hearst’


So why am I so on the fence about recommending this well-produced and often engaging film?

The Oscars: Frank Baker Talks Critical Thinking, Movie Fandom, and the Common Core

Lincoln-First Image

“Yes: I think it is fair, appropriate and altogether fitting that we share our passion for media. I think a great question to ask anyone and to demand an answer to is: why are you a fan of __(fill in the blank)_?”

Giveaway: Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack of BULLY

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Young people need to understand the way that media texts position them—even with, or perhaps especially with, those texts whose content they are sympathetic to…

Presidential Elections, the Media Literacy Way: A Conversation with Frank W. Baker (2)

Ad on The Nation's site, provided by FB:

“Media literacy teaches us, among other things, that media are businesses designed to make a profit. This is a huge point that should be taught. Ask students who benefits when candidates purchase time for their messages, and they may not think to answer: the broadcasters themselves.”

Presidential Elections, the Media Literacy Way: A Conversation with Frank W. Baker (1)

Frank Baker - Political Campaigns

“The experts hired to work on the presidential campaigns know that in order to reach younger voters, they must position their candidate, and his message, in front of their eyeballs. Like good marketers they’re going to consider: what media/technology do young voters attend to and how can I get my message (and my candidate) in front of them?”

8 Pop Culture Clips That Prove Shakespeare Is The Coolest Thing Ever

"Coriolanus": as if more proof of Shakespeare's timelessness was needed...

Yesterday’s release of “Coriolanus” on DVD led to this thought: what are some of the more impressive pop culture riffs on Shakespeare?

A Few Words with NPR’s Brooke Gladstone on “The Influencing Machine”

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“In the aggregate, we get the media we deserve, the good, the bad, the ugly. And no one likes to feel responsible for it.”