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LOC even more 2.0

Last January I blogged about the Library of Congress sharing its photographs on Flickr.  Those photos now boast more than 15 million views. A lot more sharing is about to happen.  The Library’s audio archives will soon be available on iTunes; its video will be available on YouTube.  And you will be able to find […]

YouTubeEDU: even more to watch and learn

YouTubeEDU launched yesterday!  Its directory already shows an impressive variety of universities contributing an impressive array of video learning content. Contributing member of the university video portal include UCLA, MIT, HarvardBusiness, Stanford, and PennState. YouTube’s blog described the purpose of its new Educational Hub: Using YouTube as a vehicle to democratize learning is one of […]

Happy birthday Wikispaces! An ode to my pencil

Last week Wikispaces turned four!  It feels like I’ve been using this tool forever.  In fact, I either created (mostly), or belong to, 188 Wikispaces. Wikispaces is a pencil.  But it’s not just any pencil.  It’s that pencil that really fits your hand.  The one that makes your work look pretty. The one you love […]

Horizon Report K12 Edition The first ever Horizon Report for the K12 sector describes the continuing work of the NMC’s Horizon Project, a research-oriented effort that seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies that will likely have a significant impact on K-12 education.Taken together, our research indicates that each of these six technologies will have a significant impact […]

Delaying my updated MLAing

Motel: [on being evicted] Rabbi, we’ve been waiting all our lives for the Messiah. Wouldn’t now be a good time for Him to come? Rabbi: We’ll have to wait for him someplace else. Meanwhile, let’s start packing. ("Memorable Quotes from Fiddler on the Roof.") I’ve been waiting for a long time, though not by any […]

Embed and point your teens to HarperTeen

When HarperTeen began following me on Twitter last week, I returned the follow and I took a good look at their site.  Wow!  It’s beautiful. It’s fun.  Teens, especially my girl readers, will get utterly lost here. Contents and Features includes author videos and interactive games.  I tried Pimp My Coffin but my vampire avatar […]

When students speak.

I love this simple but eloquent plea from a California high school sophomore about what library means to her, or what a library void would mean to her.  A look at what morning looks like in so many of our libraries from today’s Tracy Press. Student voices are especially powerful.  Natalie’s message brought me back […]

Mapping your Twitter network:

These days, I never tire of cool Twitter toys. Last night a few friends (including Lisa Thumann) turned me on to Mailana’s Top Twitter Friends.  Love it!  Not only does the tool let you examine a map of your own network, list your BFFs, and suggest new followers, if you click on any of the […]

On finding Finding Dulcinea

Call it a response or a backlash or an adjustment.  Something is going on in the search world. There’s a growing recognition that we need more than Google, we need to reach beyond the limits of keyword search to make sense of a crowded, media-rich information landscape.  In several upcoming posts, I’ll try to point […]

MLA Handbook Arrived

It’s here.  Our new MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers arrived via Amazon.  (See my earlier post.) Now comes the hard work–revising our style guides and explaining the changes.  If you’d like a preview, visit two very helpful summaries: Diana Hacker’s Documenting Sources: A Hacker Handbooks Supplement Purdue OWL’s MLA 2009 Update The happy […]