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Common Craft on Wikipedia

I just viewed Common Craft’s new video, Wikipedia Explained, and I believe it may be the perfect starting point for my 9th graders’ research intro next school year. Here’s the Common Craft summary: Wikipedia is an amazing resource, but it’s not always clear what helps to ensure that the articles are factual and high quality. […]

CLIP: The Collaborative Library Instruction Project

I recently discovered CLIP, a partnership between Western Oregon University, Oregon State University, Willamette University, and Chemeketa Community College whose mission is to design and develop sharable, web-based tutorials to assist in library instruction and information literacy. I am already planning to grab a number of its voice-over, screenshot tutorials to embed on my wikis […]

Togetherville: social network for a much younger set

Introducing, Togetherville, Facebook with training wheels A kind of junior Facebook, Togetherville offers parents a way to help their kids set up safe networks among their own selected contacts. The site is designed to provide kid-safe communication, through privacy controls, and a parent-managed friend list. Rather than sending direct friend requests, children filter requests through […]

Book video update

Sources for video reviews and trailers of books are multiplying.  I’ve been collecting a little list of what I find on the BookLeads wiki.  (Please join and help me grow this wiki!) Let’s update a few of the choices for sharing on our websites, during our booktalks, and inspiring student projects.   Okay.  I am […]

Gale and Buffy (a little more on the AccessMyLibrary app)

Just a little update on my last post about Gale’s AccessMyLibrary School Edition app.  This database app thing is big.  We must meet kids where they live and work and play. Here is the official Gale Press Release.  And don’t miss Buffy Hamilton’s Unquiet Library post and her wonderful video (embedded above), which clearly explains […]

AccessMyLibrary School Edition

Last week I wrote about Gale’s AccessMyLibrary iPhone app.  (The blue one.)  Nice. It got me into the Gale resources held by our public library.  Yesterday I discovered that the AccessMyLibrary School Edition app (the green one), is now available at the app store.   Hooray!  Here’s the official Gale Press Release. Here’s how it […]

Another kind of red carpet: why we need more of these

Here’s just a little taste of the energy that was the 2010 Greenfield Youth Film Festival. Last night I attended a different kind of red carpet event. Moms and dads performed chauffeur duty.  Minivans replaced limousines. The few tuxedos I spotted were nattily accessorized with flip flops.  Over the past couple of years, here in […]

Brontë Sisters Power Dolls

Frances Jacobson Harris shared this YouTube video today. Don’t you just love that Brontësaurus?  Share this with your Brontë fans and young feminists!

AccessMyLibrary: the app

This morning, my students and I discovered Gale’s new AccessMyLibrary iPhone app.     The free app available through iTunes app store allows folks to visit their public library’s Gale e-collections–magazines, journals, e-books, e-reference, etc. Gale describes how the app works: Based on your current location, AccessMyLibrary locates libraries within a 10-mile radius. You can then […]

On transliteracy: learning more

I am looking back at the school year and thinking differently about a few tipping point moments that I initially considered very forgetable. 1. I introduced Mashpedia as a Wikipedia alternative for students researching a breaking news stories. In addition to the encyclopedia-type background article, they saw instantly that a lot more was happening on […]