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Leveraging Ideas, Experiments and other Google goodies

If you haven’t taken a look in a while, you will be amazed by the goodies Google offers to support learning across grades and content areas.  They are spread across a variety of platforms, among the major portals are:

Here’s just a sampling of my other personal favorites spread around a variety of Google spaces.

ZygoteBody allows you to select gender and view, rotate and zoom in on labeled anatomical features and body systems. View any joint, organ or system

The Constitute Project (Google Ideas) will be embraced by global studies and political science teachers.  Browesable by country or topic, the Comparative Constitutions Project gathers the world’s constitutions to read and compare. Developed by the Comparative Constitutions Project, the project was seeded with a grant from Google Ideas to the University of Texas at Austin. Constitutions are available in both HTML or PDF formats.  Passages are tagged for easy discovery by such topics as right to privacy or protection of stateless persons or ownership of natural resources.  300+ topics may be expanded from these broad headings:

  • Amendment
  • Culture and Identity
  • Elections
  • Executive
  • Federalism
  • International Law
  • Judiciary
  • Legislature
  • Principles and Symbols
  • Regulation and Oversight
  • Rights and Duties

Google Earth Tour Builder, uses Google Earth to offer opportunities for geographic storytelling, allowing users to share locations, photos, text, and video. The Gallery of existing tours is well worth visiting.

Geography students and fans might also enjoy these two games: SmartyPins, a Google Maps trivia game, and GeoGuessr, which drops players into random StreetView images and challenges them to determine where they are based on geographic clues.