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Battle of the Books

Power to the People…Meaning, You: The Undead Poll is Now Open!

Here is YOUR chance to have a say in the BoB.  You see, every contender has the chance to come back to participate in the Big Kahuna round.

How you may ask is this possible? Well, after being eliminated books make their way to the BoB Land of the Dead.  And you, yes you, have a chance to resurrect one of them, your favorite, to come back for the final bout.

And so here is how works. Before the Battle begins you may vote for the contender you most want to come back after being eliminated. (Click on the Undead Poll link on the sidebar to vote.  Once please!)   The poll will be open until March 6th, giving you plenty of time to campaign for your favorite (as a certain scientist did last year) here in the comments, on your blog (and we will start the Peanut Gallery posts soon then), on twitter, your local water cooler, or wherever else you like.

Hear our contenders plead …

Vote for Me.... says a defeated book...


  1. I’m confused. How can we vote for the dead when nobody’s been killed yet?

  2. Battle Commander says

    Well, it is a sort of insurance — in case your favorite DOES get killed.

  3. Mwahahahaha! Megan Whalen Turner has a fan website created by lovers of her books…. I know where to go to garner support!


  4. Noooooooo! The undead poll was only open for one day? Why, BoB, why?

    Ah well.

  5. Battle Commander says

    It is still open — till March 6th. Is the link not working for you?

  6. It wasn’t, Battle Commander (it said “the voting is closed”), but now it is working. Thanks!

  7. I’ve tried the link a few times, and it keeps telling me the poll is closed. Not that I knew what I was going to vote for anyway… still have to devise my strategy.

  8. Battle Commander says

    Evidently there was a mix-up and it did close for 5-10 minutes on Tuesday by mistake. I’m told it is okay now. Sam (and everyone else), let us know if not.

  9. Still not working for me… I’ll give it another shot when I get home. Are you guys trying to tell me something? =)

  10. Battle Commander says

    So strange. Let us know if it is still not working and we’ll let our tech crew know.

  11. Still not working for me, and I’m at home this time!

  12. Battle Commander says

    Sam, I’m so sorry about this.

    I’ve an email in to our tech person and hopefully we get it working for you and everyone by Tuesday (as Monday is a holiday). Just gives you more time to contemplate which contender you want to come back from the Land of the Dead!

    The Monica half of the BC

  13. Woah, sorry… I feel like a big, dumb moron. I was clicking on the link at the bottom of Johnathan’s post – I just saw the link above and to the right, and it works. I’m so sorry, and so embarrassed!

  14. Battle Commander says

    Whew! Thanks for letting us know.


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