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Guest Post by Miguel Rodriguez: “Something is happening! Send your critical thinkers quick!”

Entire worlds have been opened to me as the direct result of my independent studies into what some would call “low brow,” “exploitative,” or “disreputable” art forms.

(Re)Connecting the Pop: The Hunger Games, Election 2012, Ray Bradbury, The Avengers

Revisiting some of the pop culture topics covered here over the past few months by way of sharing some related links that get at media literacy, visual literacy, and transliteracy.

The R.L. Stine Interview, Part 3: Kids and Horror

“I was once called—and maybe by School Library Journal, actually—a ‘literary training bra for Stephen King.'”

The R.L. Stine Interview, Part 2: The Value of Series Fiction

“I’m a big P.G. Wodehouse fan—that’s bad for my horror image.”

The R.L. Stine Interview, Part 1: Twenty Years of “Goosebumps”

“I hear from young movie directors who say, ‘I got into horror because of you…'”

8 Pop Culture Clips That Prove Shakespeare Is The Coolest Thing Ever

Yesterday’s release of “Coriolanus” on DVD led to this thought: what are some of the more impressive pop culture riffs on Shakespeare?

Why We Respond to “Chronicle” – Part 1: Anne Frank’s Vlog

We spy on these characters, we travel alongside them like a second, invisible yet all-seeing head on their shoulders, we peer inside their skulls, and later we say we “identified” with them as if that’s something they would have wanted…