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Why ‘Marble Season’ is My Favorite Book of 2013 (So Far)

As far as outside-of-school literacies are concerned, “Marble Season” is possibly a definitive treatise on the subject without even intending to be…

In Memory of ‘Script Frenzy’: Some Free Resources for Writing for Media

An array of free resources related to writing and producing media… to use yourself, or make available to others.

Using Single-Panel Cartoons to Introduce Scriptwriting to Students

A quick lesson idea that introduces scriptwriting by focusing on funny images and formal language.

Scriptwriting, the ‘Languages of Film,’ and Media Literacy: Teaching the Oscars with Frank Baker

“I think it’s a tragedy that most of today’s textbooks completely ignore media and the important process of scriptwriting.”

Writing Themselves Into a Frenzy

“Stop Watching. Start Writing.”