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Share with all your STEM friends!

Edheads, is a free nonprofit organization located in central Ohio, providing free, educational online games focused on science, math, and critical thinking.  And their standards-aligned sims, designed for grades 2 through 12 and beyond, reinforce and inspire STEM-type learning.  Share these with science, tech, and math teachers before they leave for summer break!

Each simulation delivers engaging interactive video background content and immerses learners into authentic, state-of-the-art career scenarios. Participants can print activity sheets along the way that allow them to record observations, data, and reflections as they might in a professional setting. Each activity comes with a Teacher’s Guide, glossary, and printables. Written transcripts appear below the video screens. The site also features a variety of career choice profiles.

The following activities are currently available:

Activity Title Grade Level Topics Covered
Simple Machines 2-6 Identification of simple and compound machines.
The Compound Machine 2-6 Compound machines, understanding/predicting forces.
Weather 4-9 Weather symbols, predict the weather.
Design a Cell Phone 5-8 Engineering design, charts and graphs, careers.
Deep Brain Stimulation 7-12+ Anatomy of the brain, Parkinson’s, careers.
Virtual Knee Surgery 7-12+ Anatomy of the knee, bones, careers.
Choose the Prosthetic 7-12+ Critical thinking, anatomy of the knee.
Virtual Hip Replacement 7-12+ Anatomy of the hip, careers.
Virtual Hip Resurfacing 7-12+ Anatomy of the hip, careers.
Crash Scene 9-12+ Forensics, physics, trigonometry, critical thinking, careers.
Create a Stem Cell Line 10-12+ Stem cell basics, vocabulary.
Stem Cell Transplant 10-12+ Current application of stem cells, new research.
Stem Cell Heart Repair 10-12+ New research with stem cells, evaluating research.
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