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Storyboardthat and a comic/storyboarding round-up

StoryboardThat is a relatively new tool that offers an attractive, inexpensive option for creating simple cartoon outlines.

I’ve been playing with the free plan that allows for three free saves per day and I love the easy drag-and-drop storyboard creator with the libraries of more than 325 characters, 225 scenes, 45,000 searchable images and the ability to upload your own (in the premium version), and a wide variety of text optionItems may be resized, rotated, repositioned and layered.

And though it is supposed to be a storyboarding tool, and indeed it does allow students to easily structure and plan a story that might be filmed or digitally created, the finished storyboard is actually final cartoon story itself.

You and your students can certainly create your own story outlines, but you may be interested in the list of digital articles covering such topics as Shakespearian Plays and special education-oriented Social Stories.

A variety of useful writing articles demonstrate how StoryboardThat  might be used to reinforce ELA concepts:

Storyboards may be downloaded as images, PowerPoints or embedded.  StoryboardThat is available as an app and has partnerships that allows it to play nice with Edmodo and Schoology.

Educators may opt to subscribe to a premium version that offers a private classroom environment for up to 50 students starting at just $5.95 a month.  Additional subscription options are described here.

Here’s a little round-up of other comic making and storyboarding choices.

Other cartooning options (both free and premium) include:

Some Toon Apps include:

Other Storyboarding options include:

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