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eCatalog central redux?

Back in July 2009, I was fretting about volume of paper catalogs that arrived in our library, lamenting the waste and limited space issues, and brainstorming about a solution in a post-ALA post.  I was dreaming of an online resource, a catalog central, that would be there when I needed it, always up to date, […]

Mockingjay: the first chapter

Thanks, Suzanne Collins and TheScholasticChannel!  I was looking for a wonderful feature to embed on our Virtual Library homepage to encourage reading the first week of school. What better book teaser than the first chapter of Mockingjay! The YouTube video page warns: friends don’t let friends share spoilers! And further shares: To test your Hunger […]

New Book Video Trailer Awards!

On September 27th, School Library Journal will ask readers to vote for the best video trailers that promote books and encourage reading. Voters will be asked to select the best video in six categories: Publisher/author created for Elementary readers (PreK-6) Publisher/author created for Secondary readers (7-12) Student created for  Elementary readers (PreK-6) Student created for […]

On Digital Book Publishing (chapter 1)

Over the past few years, our students have been granted new opportunities to tell and share their own stories.  Students who write and publish, hone their communication skills and contribute their emerging creative voices to our world.  We can nurture young writers by providing them the tools they need to create. Among the various subsets […]

Mrs. P’s Magic Library

My Twitter buddies pointed me to Mrs. P’s Magic Library today.  Mrs. P. hosts: an award-winning FREE interactive digital storybook destination.  Classic children’s stories brought to life by TV star Kathy Kinney as Mrs. P. You may best remember Kathy Kinney as Mimi Bobeck on The Drew Carey Show. Using Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube, […]

On ISTE and ALA and our tribe

Over the course of the past couple of years we’ve been building a tribe. We already had organizations, lots of them.  What we need(ed) to move forward was a tribe, or several of them. Perhaps you didn’t notice it growing, but my guess is that the readers of this blog (and the readers and writers […]

TL Café Discusses Skype an Author

Join us on Monday, June 7th at 8:00 PM Eastern for this month’s very cool TL Virtual Café event.  Dr. Mona Kerby and Sarah Chauncey will discuss their Skype an Author Network.  Gwyneth Jones will host. Mona and Sarah explain the purpose of their site: Our goal is to set up a network of authors […]