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The New Google Earth 9

Google recently released a serious redesign of Google Earth for both Web (Chrome) and Android and it now packs even more learning punch. (Versions for iOS and other browsers are in the works.) Google Earth 9 invites users to explore stunning 3D maps of random and selected locations, view curated video content, and to choose […]

Old Maps on new devices

Teachers and lovers of history and geography are going to love this new app. Old Maps, available for iPhone, iPad or any Android device through Google Play, allows mobile access to more than 250,000 high resolution, historical maps from the 15th to the 20th century, from across the world.  Only a few years ago, we […]

One million tweet map

Mommy, where do tweets come from? Now, there’s an easy answer thanks to the one million tweet map. Though this Mashable video ends with a Justin Bieber question, the map can be a media literacy tool, powerful for analyzing trends, how and where information flows, and perhaps, where and why it does not. It may […]

Meograph launches its 4-D storytelling platform

There’s a new digital storytelling kid in town.  And this one is just right for telling stories focused on time and place. Meograph officially launched yesterday.  Kind of like a Google Earth tour, this free platform makes it easy for students to tell media-rich stories combining maps, timeline, links, audio and video–to tell stories in […]

Map of Life launches its demo

Thanks to Gary Price of  LJ’s infoDOCKET I am exploring the first demonstration release of the Map of Life Project. The project’s ambitious goal is to show the global distribution of all plants and animals. Share this with teachers of science and geography! Map of Life will allow users to see several levels of detail […]

History Animated

If, like me, you have a few students and teachers who fancy themselves fill-in-the-blank war buffs, if the Civil War, World War II, and the Revolutionary War are part of your curriculum, you’re going to want to share HistoryAnimated. The site brings to life those dashed and dotted line maps to depict key naval and […]

Mapping America: a NYT and Census Mashup!

Holy infographics! As someone who remembers messing around with those huge Statistical Abstracts volumes and later the PDFs available by our Census Bureau, I am blown away with the easy data display possibilities presented by the New York Times’ research tool, Mapping America! Students and teachers can now access and manipulate local Census data, based […]