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It’s Like Santa…

You may remember my post, It’s That Time Of Month, about books and periods.

If so, you can understand my delight in the commercial, The Camp Gyno, from Hello Flo.

I found out about it through Jezebel’s post, Tiny Tampon Queen Stars in Best Menstrual Marketing Ever.

In a nutshell, Hello Flo is a new company that will deliver tampons via mail (this article at the Mary Sue, Tampon Delivery Service, lists some of the other companies out there that also provide this service).

The commercial, The Camp Gyno, illustrates one reason someone would mail order tampons (here, to camp).

Why I love the commercial: it’s factual. It doesn’t treat getting ones period as shameful or something to hide.  It uses words in a matter of fact way. And, it’s funny. Funny in all the right ways: in other words, vagina, tampon, period are not the joke, to be mocked and shamed because, ew, girls, blood, yucky. I’m watching this commercial and thinking, yes. This is the type of scene I want to see in TV shows, in films, and in books.

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  1. “SUCK IT UP! This is your life now.”
    *falls over, laughing*

    Seriously, I KNEW this girl at camp. She asked everyone EVERY FIVE MINUTES if they’d gotten it yet.

    • Elizabeth Burns says

      This is just so perfect. And I love how it works on more than one level: for those girls, but also for us grownups