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Battle of the Books

March 19th Peanut Gallery

Here’s what we’ve come across this week.  As always, if we missed yours, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it in here or in next week’s Peanut Gallery.


  1. I LOVE the comment from elvenjaneite on Sounis: “But you do know that Eugenides never loses, right? That even when he seems to lose he’s actually PLOTTING HIS VICTORY?”

    I’ll post it if you won’t! Because it’s true! :)

    Go, Zombie!Gen!

  2. So glad the Everdeen sisters are back! And I know I’ve asked this once already, (and I apologise if it’s annoying to ask again, but I’m curious,) will there be T-shirts again this year?

  3. Battle Commander says:

    Meggie, so far we don’t know of any, but you never know!

  4. Oh my… You are gone for a week and you miss all of this! This is NOT good… I repeat NOT good. Countdown losing? Nonsense! Absurd! Insanity. Oh goodness… What has happened?

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