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Battle of the Books

The Undead Poll is Now Open

Worried about your favorite contender’s chances in the Battle? Here’s what you can do to help.

Online Poll @

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The previously-eliminated contender that receives the most votes will be dug out of the grave to join the two other finalists for the closing round judged by the Honorable Ann M. Martin.

So vote for your favorite and by all means campaign for your favorite right here. After all, a certain scientist had a lot of success doing just that in 2010.

The poll will be open until March 6th and we will announce the winner on March 29th.  So think carefully. Who do YOU want in the final round?

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  1. I voted! Have you? Of course I can’t tell anyone which book I want to see back from the dead since that will be sharing top secret information! But no one should be so confident in your favorite book making its way all the way to the top! So vote and let us know which one you are lobbying for here!

  2. Other Meredith says:

    I’m waiting to the end of the week to vote, because I still have 9 of the books left to read! I’m 100% positive that I won’t be done by next Monday. Sigh. But I’m going to finish at least one more before I vote, I’m determined.

    • I am in the same boat. I think I already know which one I want to vote for, but I am going to finish as many as I can before the poll closes, just in case another book totally steals my heart.

  3. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    We are delighted that you all are trying to read as many as possible! That’s one of our goals at setting up this “event” — to encourage reading of excellent books that might or might not have been on your radar before.

  4. I think this is the first time I’ve finished all the books before the battle but it isn’t helping me pick an Undead! I have a handful of books from this list that I adore, heartbreak is coming.

  5. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    Sara — which ones are you interested in voting for? After the poll being up for three days, we see FOUR titles each with more than 10% of the votes! Can’t reveal more than that. Muhahaha.

  6. Tomorrow is the special Undead day for all our students who have read at least one of the books on the list. I will pull them out of English class and bring them to the library to vote in the Undead poll. We have nearly 50 kids who have read one already. This is a perk they get for going all-in on March Madness. They get a voice in the national discussion and decision. I might even throw in a cookie for each of them. It is going to be fun!

  7. Is there going to be a bracket contest this year?

    • Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

      We will probably run one after the first ROUND of 8 matches so people have a better chance at picking the Third Round contenders (only need to figure out 4 titles!) Stay tuned!

  8. I’m afraid I haven’t read a lot of them this year, but my love for Gone Crazy in Alabama is deep, so I didn’t really have trouble deciding.

  9. I had 33 students qualify to participate in the UnDead Poll. It was great fun with a lot of discussion in which no one’s vote was changed, and 10 of the 16 titles got at least 2 votes each. Nimona took 8 votes, Challenger Deep got 6, Nest got 4, Boys who Challenged Hitler took 3, then Hired Girl, Drowned City, Echo, I Crawl Through It, Goodbye Stranger, and X got 2 each. Thanks for letting us have a voice in the tournament!

    • Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

      This is too cool, Donna. Please tell all your students a great THANK YOU from us. Is there any visual that you can share?

  10. Since my predictions are usually wrong, I went with the opposite strategy: “The Nest” seems like just the kind of book Frances Hardinge would appreciate, so I figure she’ll choose “My Seneca Village.” Then “The Nest” will rise from the dead just in time for Ann M. Martin to also go against the obvious (because I don’t think Kristy and Stacey ever dealt with wasps like these) and “The Nest” will win the Battle.

    • Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

      Interesting guessing strategy! We can’t wait to share all the top secret, confidential judge decisions with the world, starting next Monday!!!

    • I have also noticed this trend over the years that the judges tend to choose the book that is most unlike their own work. It will be interesting to see if it holds this year!

  11. I’m going with a book that I think won’t get a lot of love but should! Most Dangerous belongs in every High School American History AP class list!

  12. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    Last hours for everyone to vote for the Undead!

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