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Embed and point your teens to HarperTeen

When HarperTeen began following me on Twitter last week, I returned the follow and I took a good look at their site. 

Wow!  It’s beautiful. It’s fun.  Teens, especially my girl readers, will get utterly lost here.

  • Contents and Features includes author videos and interactive games.  I tried Pimp My Coffin but my vampire avatar was too embarrassing to share.
  • The Authors area links to featured blogs, author sites, podcasts,  essays, events, interviews, and lists authors now touring.  (I’ve got to add these to my BookLeads wiki!  Anyone want to help?)
  • Browe Inside offers TopTen lists and links to preview look-before-you-buy features.

Some books are full access and embeddable.  Here, for instance, is full Access for The Vampire Diaries.

Browse Inside this book

Get this for your site

Point kids here but also consider embedding/exploiting HarperTeen elements into your own websites and blogs and integrating them into your booktalks.

UPDATE: Thanks to Buffy Hamilton who alerted me to Harper’s widgets for younger readers too!

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  1. Joan Tracy says:

    Thanks for this Joyce. I have been searching for ways to “OGL

  2. Joan Tracy says:

    I don’t know what happened in my last comment. The Captcha became part of my message
    What I said was I have been searching for ways to reconnect with my roots and NOT lose promoting reading in the explosion of 2.0

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