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Election resources to share

Information is the currency of democracy. Thomas Jefferson Presidential elections present ultimate, authentic teachable moments, opportunities for us to exploring a variety of literacies with learners at all levels I recently pulled together an Election LibGuide for our students and teachers and I thought I’d share some of the most popular inclusions. On issues C-SPAN’s […]

On teaching digital citizens

This We the Citizens Poster is just one element of the new Introduction To Digital Citizenship Starter Kit, a collaboration between Edmodo and Common Sense Media. Though the activities are specifically designed for students interacting on the Edmodo social networking platform, lessons are easily adapted for other online communities.  The kit includes five modules designed […]

TV News Search & Borrow brought to you by Internet Archive

Television news has always been ephemeral–hard to search, hard to access, hard to share. The Internet Archive recently launched a tool that will be huge help to any teacher who would like to use television news in the classroom.  It opens up some fabulous possibilities for student media research. Inspired by the pioneering work of […]

#tlchat launches intensely (and archiving tweets)

We launched #tlchat last night.  And wow. Worried that we’d have to fill in the lulls with prepared tweets, our small group of organizers had a full page of them ready to go. There was no need to worry. In fact, the chat needed no nurturing at all.  Most of us struggled to keep up […]

#tlchat Live tonight

Tonight’s the night.  Our first #tlchat runs live on Twitter from 8PM till 9PM Eastern time. During this hour, feel free to contribute or just lurk as we discuss the topic you selected in our Twitter poll: Collaboration: how to get it going and how to keep it going. If it’s your first time in […]

New tricks for academics

I am kind of excited about the changes I’ve been noticing in academic search. Subscription databases rock, no question about that. And they will likely be the best starting point for the full-text needs of scholars young and old. But new academic search options are appearing as real players, reaching beyond search as location and […]

Dot Day: Ask your students to make a mark!

My dear, very smart, and seriously good friend Angela Maiers asked me to help spread the news about Dot Day.  I am happy to oblige and I hope that you will join in spreading the word as well about a project that asks students to make their mark. Angela shares: Every year on September 15, […]

RebelMouse squeaks to me

I’m getting a little bit hooked on RebelMouse. A bit of hybrid–a little bit Pinterest, a little bit, a little bit Flipboard, a little bit Tumblr–RebelMouse first squeaked this summer, and now appears to be breeding prolifically . Founder Paul Berry, the former CTO of HuffPo, calls this new curation/aggregation/newspaper publishing tool, your social […]

Michelle’s orientation & our #bwad e-book!

I asked Michelle Luhtala if she’d allow me to share her approach to high school freshman orientation. For me it speaks volumes about the spirit of today’s library and where we all aspire to go in terms of intellectual freedom. It speaks with student voice. It introduces principles and responsibilities.  It emphasizes trust.  It emphasizes […]