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Mr. Database Man (a proof of concept)

This spring, I asked a few of my always game filmmakers to create a series of proof-of-concept films to promote the use of databases across industry and brand.  Maya, who is looking forward to a marketing career, delivered one of their products just as the school year ended.  It stars Matt as Mr. Database Man. […]

I hope you’ll search (with skill): a revised letter to my grads

(It’s that time again.  I was thinking about how sad I am going to be to say goodbye to this year’s senior class, and decided to update a piece I first shared in my April 2009 VOYA column.) A letter to my seniors Each spring I watch another class leave me for the university and […]

I’m just a book

It was one of those days. My students were hard at work creating their Civil War newsletters from the perspective of a northern or southern journalist.  They happily used our wiki lesson and pathfinders, but hundreds of relevant books on our shelves (and on the cart I dragged over) were going unused. The fact is, […]

Vimeo Video School

I recently discovered that the place I store and share my videos is also a place to learn how to make videos better. Vimeo Video School offers a growing array of sharp, clever bite-sized tutorials, illustrated with clear examples, created by the Vimeo filmmaking community. Here’s one example:  Shooting Basics, from the Video 101 section: […]

Inspired by Walt Whitman

BethAnn Olesen, one of my favorite collaborating English teachers, developed a simple project that inspired some outstanding poetic efforts and I thought I’d share. The prompt was to create a digital poem inspired both by Walt Whitman’s I Hear America Singing and by your own personal interpretation of the American Dream. BethAnn explains the details: […]