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Expanding a Book’s Universe

Together we looked for ‘cheese holes’, or spaces in the story that allow the audience to participate in, contribute further to, and augment the original story using their own intelligence and imagination.

2012 Gift Guide for Pop Culture Geeks and Media Mavens

The Dark Knight screenplays, a Doctor Who board game, The Princess Bride, and a lot more…

On Clifford’s 50th Birthday, Four Questions for Norman Bridwell

“I never found Godzilla attractive.”

Recommended Comics for Schools: Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland, The Adventures of Venus, Rough Justice

Encourage students to analyze panels closely to determine how the visuals work with the text. Ask: Where do they clarify information? Where do they expand upon it? Where do they represent a parallel track of information?

Quick Links: Three Must-See’s for Pop Culture and Visual Literacy

If you’re not familiar with Pascal Witaszek’s poster art for imaginary movies, be prepared to get blown away. After the aesthetic high wears off, think about all the myriad literacies involved in designing images like the above—for your convenience, some are listed below. Then think about having students design their own movie posters based upon […]