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Sometimes you just need a little video to act as a hook, to activate prior learning, to get kiddos up to speed, to engage. You search the usual video platforms and sift through lists of noisy results.

Check123 Video Encyclopedia is a promising solution. The social video platform curates more than 20,000 from all over the world.

While librarians might argue about whether Check123 is indeed an encyclopedia, it is a convenient portal for discovery and bookmarking resources. Among those resources are videos created by National Geographic, How Stuff Works, History Channel, Biography, TED-Ed, Smithsonian, Mashable and Science Channel.

Videos are validated by professional experts in different fields, and prioritized by quality. Each video is accompanied by a 1-10 Quality Rating based on two metrics, Informative and Entertaining and these are averaged for a total grade. Sadly, I could not find the criteria for selection of experts or exactly what expert reviews look like.

It’s possible to follow favorite video producers and view their collected content and assigned tags.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 9.26.00 AM

Available on the website as the Smart Search feature, and also as a Chrome extension, is a handy tool to help you vid your text. Simply enter text or a URL in the provided boxes and Check123 will scan the text to suggest relevant short videos for you to add to lessons or websites or save for later use.

Educators who register for free accounts are able to create lessons, save videos for later use and easily access the Smart Search feature.

Users may search by keyword and sort results by relevance, length, date or alphabetically or they may browse for videos in the following categories:

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