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Someday My Printz Will Come
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Pyrite Poll!

The poll is up! I realized, belatedly, that actually it should probably have been that everyone votes for 5, and the top ten most selected titles are the Pyrite* shortlist. Next year, hopefully we’ll get the math bits figured out. Data nerds, feel free to give statistical collection tips if you have any.

But hey! Now you can vote for ten! And write-in an extra book (it needs to be one that didn’t make the nomination pile, obviously).

So go! Vote! Come back tomorrow for a return to our more regularly scheduled content, and Sunday to see the shortlist for the Pyrite.

**The Pyrite Printz, or Pyrite, is the Someday My Printz Will Come mock Printz deliberation, and should not in any way be confused with YALSA’s Michael L. Printz Award, often referred to here as the RealPrintz or Printz. Our predictions, conversations, and speculation about potential RealPrintz contenders and winners reflect only our own best guesses and are not affiliated with YALSA or the RealPrintz committee.

About Karyn Silverman

Karyn Silverman is the High School Librarian and Educational Technology Department Chair at LREI, Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School (say that ten times fast!). Karyn has served on YALSA’s Quick Picks and Best Books committees and was a member of the 2009 Printz committee. She has reviewed for Kirkus and School Library Journal. She has a lot of opinions about almost everything, as long as all the things are books. Said opinions do not reflect the attitudes or opinions of SLJ, LREI, YALSA or any other institutions with which she is affiliated. Find her on Twitter @InfoWitch or e-mail her at karynsilverman at gmail dot com.


  1. How long will the poll be open for? Till Sunday?

    • Karyn Silverman says

      Tess, Yes. Right now it’s set to close at 6 am Sunday, and then when I wake up I’ll pull the results and post them.

  2. I forget which post asked about possible “dark horses,” so I’ll just add a comment here on that subject. Now that Jen Hubert Swan has her 2012 Top Ten List posted, I’m wondering whether Adele Griffin’s All You Never Wanted is being overlooked. I haven’t read it yet, but Jen’s word is as good as gold, and Mark Flowers loved it, while only 5 people admitted to reading it in the readership poll (which definitely puts it in the Dark Horse category). Also, has anyone mentioned This is Not a Test, by Courtney Summers? I loaded it up in my Kindle earlier this summer because of rave reviews online, and I know Kelly J. is a big champion of it (again, I haven’t gotten to it). But maybe zombies are a hard-sell for award committees, no matter how well-written a book is.

  3. I just finished All You Never Wanted and could definitely see arguments for it. Also I’ve updated my Best Books spreadsheet to include the SLJ list and both halves of Kirkus’ huge list. Biggest suprise for me was that with Kirkus choosing 200 books, they still didn’t name Bomb as one of the best of the year – and they had plenty non-fiction unlike the PW list. A little bit mind-boggling to me. Here’s the link:

    Based on these, All You Never Wanted would definitely be a dark horse as it hasn’t made any lists yet. Neither has This Is Not a Test. So far 15 books (including Code Name Verity, The Fault in Our Stars, Ask the Passengers, Diviners, Grave Mercy, No Crystal Stair, Raven Boys, Son and We’ve Got a Job[which is not the non-fiction title I thought would make the most best lists this year – I figured on Moonbird or Bomb]). Since nothing made all 6 best lists last year, it’ll be interesting to see if anything makes them all this year giving the starring consensus.

    Horn Book’s list will be out Thursday the 6th, the Bulletin won’t post theirs ’til Jan 1st. I’m thinking Booklist’s list usually shows up online sometime in December and print pubs in their January issue.

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