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Someday My Printz Will Come
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On the Day of the Dead when the Year too Dies (PW List)

I mean, not that Susan Cooper is really relevant here, but it’s almost Halloween and the first best of list for 2017 has dropped, and that says the year is ready to come to a close…

Ok, so that first list, as always, is PW.

Here’s the link to the complete list; jump below the fold to see my scattershot response.

On our spreadsheet from early on, 12 titles: Far from the Tree; Gem & Dixie; The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue; The Hate U Give; Landscape with Invisible Hand; Long Way Down; Turtles All the Way Down; Vincent and Theo; We Are Okay; You Bring the Distant Near; The Librarian of AuschwitzAmerican Street. None of these are surprises; these are all getting critical acclaim and many are from established, respected YA authors.

A further three titles weren’t on our spreadsheet from the start, but we added them well before this list came out, so again, no real surprises: La Belle Sauvage (we had blocked this from our minds out of fear it wouldn’t be as good as The Golden Compass); A Skinful of Shadows (because I had failed to notice Hardinge was having a two book year); and Spinning, which just went on Joy’s pile last week.

Four of the middle grade honorees might also have crossover (and therefore Printz) potential, but I haven’t read any of them: Refugee (it sounds like young YA to me); The Glass Town Game (sounds fascinating but it’s so big!); The Road to Ever After (totally new to me); and The Stars Beneath Our Feet (this was on my radar then off for reasons of being young, but maybe it needs to go back on).

Finally, there were two surprises: I Believe in a Thing Called Love (coincidentally JUST mentioned in a comment on When Dimple Met Rishi) and Warcross. I Believe sounds right up our alley; Warcross less so although we’re open to dissenting opinions.

So there you have it. Thoughts? What’s missing? What surprised you?


About Karyn Silverman

Karyn Silverman is the High School Librarian and Educational Technology Department Chair at LREI, Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School (say that ten times fast!). Karyn has served on YALSA’s Quick Picks and Best Books committees and was a member of the 2009 Printz committee. She has reviewed for Kirkus and School Library Journal. She has a lot of opinions about almost everything, as long as all the things are books. Said opinions do not reflect the attitudes or opinions of SLJ, LREI, YALSA or any other institutions with which she is affiliated. Find her on Twitter @InfoWitch or e-mail her at karynsilverman at gmail dot com.


  1. Jonathan Hunt says:

    Susan Cooper is always relevant. 🙂

  2. I’m surprised about Warcross–it seems way too genre although I’m excited to read it myself. Seeing I Believe in a Thing Called Love on the PW list felt like such validation. I have been singing the praises of Goo’s sophomore novel for months and it felt like no one else was feeling as strongly about it partly because it didn’t get as much of a big push and early love as Dimple. My appreciation for everything I Believe in a Thing Called Love does has only grown since I read it. I’m always suspicious of happy/funny books going the distance for Printz but I really hope this one proves me wrong!

  3. I love the reference! 🙂

    In terms of actual Printz stuff, I do like I Believe in a Thing Calls Love although whooo boy it set off my secondhand-embarrassment cringe reaction.

  4. This subject line in my feed reader almost made me jump out of my chair! Love it!

  5. I may very well be in the minority here, but I don’t think REFUGEE is worthy of Printz (or Newbery) consideration. I found it ham-fisted and deeply unsatisfying.

    I also felt that way about NAVIGATING EARLY, and we saw what happened there. Take that with a grain of salt. 😉

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