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The Pyrite Results Are In… We Get to Vote AGAIN!

scales-310962_64030 of us voted, and the results definitely  indicate some clear trends, but by the Printz guidelines, we do NOT have a winner.

From the RealPrintz Policies and Procedures:

To win, a title must receive five first place votes and must also receive at least five more points than the second place title. If no title meets these criteria on the first ballot, any title receiving no votes is removed from consideration and a period of discussion of remaining titles follows. A second ballot is then conducted. Balloting continues in this fashion until a winner is declared.

For our purposes, we’ve adapted “five first place votes” to “at least one more first place vote than the next highest title,” since on a 9-person committee, 5 votes is 50% plus 1, a majority, and also at least one more vote than the next highest first place vote; with an open mock event and no telling how many voters, we stick with the simplest way to make this rule still applicable to our results.

We do have a book that both received the highest number of points AND has one more first place vote than the next highest pointing title — but the spread between them is only 3 points, so it looks like it’s time to vote again! Jump below the fold to see what’s still eligible and a few data points that might help you cast your vote strategically.

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