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The Epic eBook of Web Tools and Apps: a new crowd-sourced manual for back-to-school and beyond

Just published:

a fabulously useful tool for back-to-school professional learning and professional development. With the excitement of a tech-tools smackdown, it promises to have far longer legs and far stickier value.

The Epic eBook of Web Tools & Apps, will serve as a digital palette or dashboard to remind you and your partner educators of options for creative, tech-rich practice, whether we return to face-to-face or continue to teach in hybrid or remote environments.

The Epic eBook is the brain-child of Syosset Senior High School librarian/ Educational Technology Enrichment Specialist Kristina Holzweiss who conceived the idea back in March just as schools closed. It occurred to her that we can support each by sharing our expertise.

Using Book Creator as a platform, the ebook contains more than 200 pages of crowd-sourced guidance and creative ideas from more than 50 educators around the world, the eBook features a bounty of user-friendly tips in its screen shots, cheat sheets, video tutorials and hyperlinks to lots of additional goodies. I especially appreciate the ways so many of the authors suggest exciting new tricks for old tools, for instance old favorites like PowerPoint and Slides.

One lovely feature is that the team plans to continually update the resource and to invite new authors for tools yet to be addressed.

Kristina hopes that the Epic eBook will become a go-to manual for not only this school year, but every school year after.

Hyperlinked index (You can see that this is indeed a work in progress.)

This week’s release party further describes the ebook’s origin story and captures the excitement and the richness of the resource.

Release party August 8, 2020 sponsored by NASL
Author emojis and intro

The ebook under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license.

Update: Kristina recently published yet another crowd-sourced goodie! Check out the Digital Librarian’s Survival Toolkit.

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