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Mr. Database Man (a proof of concept)

This spring, I asked a few of my always game filmmakers to create a series of proof-of-concept films to promote the use of databases across industry and brand.  Maya, who is looking forward to a marketing career, delivered one of their products just as the school year ended.  It stars Matt as Mr. Database Man. […]

Our new orientation video

Catherine and Greg just delivered the orientation video I asked them to produce for next year’s 9th graders.  Okay, so they didn’t get in all the details, and the focus is a little different from the original concept, but OMG, what fun!  And isn’t Chad a rising star?  I love it!

Vimeo Video School


I recently discovered that the place I store and share my videos is also a place to learn how to make videos better. Vimeo Video School offers a growing array of sharp, clever bite-sized tutorials, illustrated with clear examples, created by the Vimeo filmmaking community. Here’s one example:  Shooting Basics, from the Video 101 section: […]

Inspired by Walt Whitman

BethAnn Olesen, one of my favorite collaborating English teachers, developed a simple project that inspired some outstanding poetic efforts and I thought I’d share. The prompt was to create a digital poem inspired both by Walt Whitman’s I Hear America Singing and by your own personal interpretation of the American Dream. BethAnn explains the details: […]

Book Trailers for All updated


I met Teresa Schauer working with the SLJ folks on the Trailee Awards. She was the powerhouse and guiding force of our committee.

Voki for Education: Not just for avatars


Voki, the free Web-based tool that allows you to create speaking avatars for blogs and other websites, recently launched its site for education.  But it’s not just for avatars. Voki has potential well beyond blog greetings. Imagine creating a page in which students embed a lengthy, sequenced (albeit imagined) conversation between Generals Lee and Grant […]

Glogster now presents


I use Glogster daily.  As a interactive poster/presentation/research tool for my students.  As a tool for creating web-based interfaces professionally.  And I just gathered my Glogster search posters together as a presentation. Teachers who are serious Glogsters can now take a next step in sharing, archiving, and organizing their students’–or their own– work. A recent […]

Apps for student teacher librarians


About a year ago around this time I began thinking of the apps I really wanted to load (metaphorically) on my students’ screens. This semester, I am very blessed to have a brilliant student teacher with me!  Nora has also been with us as a parent volunteer.  Like all my other student teachers, Nora arrived […]

Digital wishing reprised


With the help of our lovely PTA, last year our library was able to add four Flip camcorders to our collection.  We paid for two.  They were in constant use. This year Digital Wish and Flip offer the same sweet deal to nonprofit K12 schools.  Buy one Flip Ultra HD, get another free, $150 for […]

CSLA introduces TeenLearning2.0


Once again, the fabulous and irrepressible leaders of the California School Library Association offer us all a little gift to use with learners this coming school year.  Teen Learning 2.0 is an updated social web tutorial, tested with middle school students. TeenLearning 2.0 explains its purpose: This tutorial is designed so that you can learn […]